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Big Splash

/bɪɡ/ splaʃ/;    Noun

  1. An accredited advertising agency providing free graphic design, copywriting and media placement services to organisations who want to place extremely effective recruitment ads anywhere.

  2. A specialist advertising agency focusing solely on recruitment ads.

  3. A considerable impact or sound made by something striking or falling usually in liquid.

Feel like you’re throwing money down the drain on recruitment ads that no one is even going to look at?

There are loads of talented people out there - they are qualified, they are smart, they have initiative and a great work ethic. But how do you find them?!  Creating and placing ads to attract these people isn’t your everyday line of work - so we’re here to help.

Big Splash are experts in recruitment advertising. We provide free services to companies of all sizes wanting to place an ad in any media.  We currently work with over 950 organisations and book over 2000 adverts every month, so if you want expert advice and an advert that actually delivers the right candidate, without paying exorbitant fees for it, you have come to the right place!